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Balneotherapy in Třeboň

The tradition of spas and balneotherapy in Třeboň developed due to a rich local source of mineral peat and fen, the healing effects of which are mainly used in the recuperation of the locomotor system. The spa’s pleasant environment makes it a favourite place to visit by healthy people as well, coming here seeking relaxation and recreation.

The barber tradition is associated with spas, and in Třeboň it reaches back to the 15th century, when it played an important hygienic and social role. The administrator of the Schwarzenberg estate, Václav Horák, founded a spa in 1861 on the Zlatá Stoka (The Golden Canal), enabling the barber tradition to be tied into Medieval times. The spa as we know it today was founded in 1883 by the teacher and chronicler Václav Hucek, after whose daughter Berta it is named today. His support from the Schwarzenbergs included the possibility to exploit peat free of charge in the area called Vimpérky (a peatland above the Svět fishpond). A great interest among visitors led to the opening of another spa complex in Třeboň, the Aurora nursing home. Today, the spa in Třeboň is owned by the Třeboň city.

Rheumatism, arthritis, Bechterevov illness and post-spinal surgery are treated here with the fen baths.

The peat bath and wrap treatment offered in Třeboň spas have a beneficial effect on the blood flow in tissues, regeneration and relaxation of joints and muscles and moisturizing of skin. This treatment reduces pain and improves the agility of joints. The heat produced during the procedure lasts eight times longer than that from water baths and is well tolerated by patients.


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