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Points of interest atound Třeboň

Třeboň, as well as the entire area surrounding it, is one of the most interesting and beautiful destinations in the whole Czech Republic thanks to its well-preserved nature and rich cultural heritage. Třeboň lies on a very flat land area, so its terrain is ideal for walking trips and bicycle rides.

This region, though sparsely inhabited, is a good example of a working coexistence between nature and humans. The influence of mankind has made itself very evident over the centuries, but it still doesn´t leave a distracting impression in the landscape around Třeboň.

The industrial revolution bypassed Třeboň; you won´t find any industrial establishments in the city, which makes the unique countryside architecture with its renowned rustic Baroque elements that much more noticeable. This region is so unique that you won´t find an aquaculture system that takes advantage of the natural character of the landscape quite as this one does not only in the Czech Republic, but possibly in the world. The integration of the aquaculture system into the local natural wildlife has been carried out in such a sensitive manner that all the original biotopes have remained, existing for the past 800 years in their original form. It is no coincidence, then, that a large part of the Třeboň surroundings was added to the list of protected landscape areas in 1979.

The Třeboň – Hrádeček educational and healt trail

Length 3,6 km | not difficult walking trail with wooden fitness gear | Suitable for bicyclists
A trail leading around Třeboň. The starting point is the parking lot just behind the Hradecká Gate next to the square. At the beginning, the trail leads along the Golden Canal around the brewery. At the old Schwarzenberg barn, the trail splits off from the Golden Canal and continues through the Šustova tree-lined path over the Wet Fields all the way to Hrádeček. From here, it goes over Nová Cesta (New Path) trail along the Black Canal (Černá Stoka) and the railway tracks back to town Třeboň.

Mokré louky (Wet Meadows) – An area of wet meadows and hay-barns (northeast of Třeboň, to the left of the E551 road). This is a remarkable locale with an area of 450 hectares. Its terrain level is lower than that of its surroundings and it has a characteristic peat-bog foundation which can be up to several metres thick. When the Rožmberk fishpond used to be larger, the area was very often flooded. The absence of a firm foundation required specific agricultural maintenance – the hay was stored in the wooden hay barns until the winter. Only then, when the soil was frozen, could it be transported away. Some of the hay barns are still standing (some of them originate in 16th century) and are considered a cultural monument.

The "Trip around the world" (around the fishpond Svět, or World ) educational trail

Length 12 km | not difficult walking trail | Suitable for bicyclists
As can be read from the name, this trail is a round trip around the fishpond Svět. It is an educational nature trail with 16 information panels along the way with texts about the development of Třeboňsko, fishpond cultivation, and balneology treatments, all beginning at the fishpond Svět. A pleasant trail leading through fields and forest paths, passing over the Vimperky peatland, with plenty of rest stops with benches and beautiful views along the way.

The educational bicycle trail around Třeboň

Length 39 km | easy trail | suitable mainly for bicyclists
A round trail over the forest paths, dams of the fishponds, and along small roads. Twenty-two information panels provide us with interesting facts about the natural wildlife, cultural heritage and technical points of interest in Třeboňsko. The starting point is at the dam of fishpond Svět and ends in Třeboň. From all the stops along the way, some are worth mentioning here aside from the fishpond Svět, such as the fishpond Opatovický, Golden Canal, the dam U Pilaře, the rural architecture in village Lutová, the fishpond Vítek dam, and more.

The Rožmberk educational nature trail

Length 22 km | suitable mainly for bicyclists
A bicycle trail around the fishpond dams, field paths and along a few small roads, this takes us through the beautiful landscape around the Rožmberk fishpond. The trail ends in nearby Stará Hlína. The most interesting part of this trail is along the massive high dam of the Rožmberk fishpond, which is a great piece of work in itself. The dam is lined with hundred-year-old oak trees. Their hollows provide nesting space for many kinds of birds in the winter time, often even the precious sea eagle. This is an attraction that catches the attention of all visitors.

The Velký Lomnický educational trail

Length 7 km | this is not a round trip trail, use the same trail for your return | suitable for bicyclists
A walking nature trail with 12 information panels. One interesting spot in particular is an observation tower with shield for observing water fowl. The trail explains the history of the Golden Canal, the fishponds and their importance to plant and animal wildlife.

The Veselské pískovny educational trail

Length 7 km | suitable for bicyclists
An educational nature trail with 14 information panels. The trail goes along the man-made lakes that were formed from a local sand mine in 1952–1986 then continues towards Vlkov.

The Červené blato educational trail

Length 4 km | suitable only for walking
A nature trail with 6 stops that accesses the Červené Blato nature preserve, one of the most interesting peatlands in the entire region. During the hike the visitor learns about local flora and fauna, almost identical to the present-day northern tundra. The starting point of this trail is the village Jiříkovo Údolí. This is a pleasant trail along well-kept paths which were the original pathways of local glassmakers who mined peat here for their glass furnaces.

Through the land of fishponds

Length 30 km | suitable for bicyclists
This is one of the most beautiful Třeboň bicycle trails and takes us to the fishponds of the "Frahelžský" system. Hikers pass by fishponds with interesting names: Naděje (Hope), Překvapil (Surprised), Láska (Love), then the third largest fishpond called Horusický, and of course the largest fishpond in Central Europe – the Rožmberk. Also worth mentioning are the important ornithological reservations known as Velký and Malý Tisý, fishponds with many water bird nests. The starting point is at either Třeboň or Veselí nad Lužnicí.

From Lišov to Žižkuv dub

Length 15 km | suitable for bicyclists
A trail focusing on Lišov and its surroundings that leads us mainly through forest trails all the way to the Memorial Oak where according to legend Jan Žižka (a famous Czech leader of the Hussite reformation and a genius chief commander in the battles against the Catholic church in the 15th century) used to meet with his friends and co-warriors. The starting point is in Lišov (the square), then we continue to Hůrky, Hůrky crossroads, then to Žižka’s oak tree, next Velechvín, the Pod Vlčí Jámou crossroads and back to Lišov. These are comfortable trails that sometimes lead along small roads.

The Division of totalitarianism – an educational trail

Length 12 km | suitable for bicyclists
A trail with 9 stops that explains the impact of totalitarian regimes on nature and people´s lives. You will see a perfectly preserved army bunker (part of the fortification from the 1930´s) and a private outdoor museum called the Iron Curtain. The trail passes through a beautiful landscape along the river Stropnice. The starting and finishing point is in Borovany.