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Třeboň, Třeboň accommodation, Třeboň chateau


- the unique atmosphere of this spa town is supplemented by the exceptionally preserved historical core, its position on the banks of the Svět fishpond and by the awareness of its rich history connected with the House of Rožmberk. more ...

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Accommodation Třeboň


On webpage the

Třeboň accommodation

you can see comfortably equipped hotels in Třeboň and cozy guest houses in the historic center of Třeboň and surroundings.

Cheap accommodation in Třeboň

provide pensions and campsites.

Surely no visitor to Třeboň will neglect to visit the Reneissance

chateau Třeboň

, which received its present appearance under Petr Vok of Rožmberk. On one side of the chateau Třeboň is a delightful park and on the other side is teh square with two rows of Renaissance an Baroque burghers´ houses. ... less